" It all started a few years ago when we first engaged Mrs Revathi Shivkumar to carry out a few team building facilitations using MBTI and one-on-one coaching for some of our departments.

On receiving positive feedback about her sessions we offered a broader scope to her wherein she did a customised employee engagement study across the entire firm. Her report and the accompanying recommendations showed us the way forward to begin working on identifying ways to improve engagement of our employees with our firm.The program outlined by Revathi which included employee engagement calendar, Coffee with CEO were enthusiastically embraced by the team. This allowed us to push through the elements of our company culture in a natural manner resulting in all round improvement in the work atmosphere and employee motivation.

Next, we laid the ground and she worked with me to implement 360 degree appraisal system for all the department leaders and the key team players below them. The detailed report on every individual allowed her to conduct customised, exhaustive and relevant one-on-one sessions with each member who participated in the 360 degree evaluation. It also involved the top management. Personalised Coaching and one-on-one leadership sessions conducted by Revathi, for the last year, we can see perceptible changes in people. She has an inherent ability to make people comfortable and confide in her. This allows her to address a person's issues more effectively. Revathi has a very affable approach to handling people but she has shown clear resolve to tackle the difficult aspects which take into consideration challenging individual personalities while placing company expectations first.

The coaching sessions conducted by Revathi for our senior management not only provided a significant personal insight to each of the participant but also amplified co-ordination amongst various departments. The silo approach to business units has been replaced with better team work. We believe that Revathi has all the necessary professional and personal skill sets to be a very effective coach for senior and top management. We recommend her with no reservations. "

Vineet Bhatnagar

Phillip Capital India Pvt Ltd

" Revathi designed and facilitated 30 hours of group coaching around leadership competencies for 14 of our senior leaders. It was a very engaging and involved program and what was different was that participants were held accountable for actions. We could see a change in many of them. Revathi connects very well with people and the rapport and trust she creates makes participants open up and get more involved. "

G Sivakumar

President – Finance
Financial Software and Systems

" After our coaching sessions, my understanding of myself has increased by 10X. During the sessions, it helps to talk about own self and trying to come up with solutions through introspecting. Revathi’s understanding of corporate issues has helped a lot as I feel I can relate better. "

Nikunj Modi

SBU Head, International Broking Firm

" Revathi made a difference to my team and helped us improve productivity , efficiency and approach. We found  improvement areas of each and every team member. She did one on one  coaching for a year  and helped  to  improve their skillset . My team’s approach to work and attitudes changed a lot and the team touched the highest performance that year. Even now, they continue to work with a very positive and committed attitude. "

Rahul Shah

SBU Head, International Broking Firm

" At a time when we were thinking of an employee engagement study, Revathi Shivakumar came recommended to us by a CEO she has been working with. She met with us a few times and understood the brief. Ours is a multi-plant, multi-location company. She insisted on visiting all the pan India plants and offices to meet with the employees as an ice breaker and to explain about the forthcoming study. She then prepared and customised a survey and took our inputs. When the survey was rolled out, the employees were very open because of all the personal meetings. Revathi then gave us a comprehensive report with points for action under various heads. She has been very hands on and kept in close contact with us all through. She is very professional and yet strikes a personal rapport. Employees were very comfortable opening up to her because of her warm personality. We are actioning recommendations as per her report and would not hesitate to recommend Revathi for such surveys and any people development initiatives. "

Rakesh Singh

Executive President
India Cements Ltd

" As my coach, Revathi took great time and effort to observe and assess my current job requirements, my cultural and professional background, my personality and my future goals, in order to form a holistic approach towards structuring my coaching program. With solid experience in investment management and advisory industry, this was very critical in my coaching program. As part of the leadership-coaching program, she had regular discussions with various key members of my professional and personal life to analyze my strengths and evaluate my areas of improvement. My sessions with Revathi helped me realize my true potential, identify my blind spots and hone my skills, adding value to both my professional and personal life. "

Anand Raghavendran

Fund Manager
Oman, Muscat

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