admin       July 6, 2020

Leadership Style

What factors determine your leadership qualities? What happens when we throw a pandemic into the mix?

I had a stressed team leader ping me to share that one of the team members was unwilling to work on a Sunday. It emerged that it was not an urgent matter and also that the team member was otherwise fully engaged at work.

One other coachee is the MD of a financial services company. With the financial markets taking such a beating, he should be stressed about performance and profits.

But his focus and motto has always been “People First”. When teams take turns going in to work to ensure max 20% attendance, he is there daily, to encourage them and to lead by example.

One time, I heard that he sat at the dealing desk to help with a trade execution. He has instilled in them, a deep sense of pride in what they do. They have been engaged and committed through these tough times.

All because one person was there for them all through.

Are you that one person for your team?